Newspaper Clipping Notes Beginning of Camp Sail-Ho Balboa

skipper_steimle_newspaper_articleThis newspaper clipping tells of the beginning of Skipper Steimle’s Balboa camp years…likely printed in 1937. Text of article is as follows:

[beginning of article missing]…of Leonard N. Steimle, instructor in the science department at Beverly Hills High School. He also wishes he could own an airplane, play the piano, and read at the rate of 1000 words per minute.

A graduate of U.C.L.A., Steimle took post-graduate work at U.S.C., and has taught in local schools for eight years, six in the elementary division and two in the high school.

–Goat Hunter–

He enjoys swimming, radio engineering, archery and Boy Scout work. Shooting two wild goats on Catalina with a bow and arrow was one of his most exciting experiences; hunters declare that to bag the wary creatures with a rifle is no small feat, much less with a bow and arrow. For over seven yars he has been scoutmaster of Troop 33.

This summer, however, instead of taking part in scout work, he is going to direct a private camp on Balboa Island. Fifteen boys will enjoy the swimming, boating and complete program at Balboa Beach Camp from June 2x [date cut off] to July 16. Knowing the boy’ capacity for eating, he has arranged for the “grub” to be both plentiful and tasty.

–Pack Camper–

Steimle, besides scout camp experience, spent two summers with the staffs of private camps and conducted many week-end pack trips into the Sierra Madre mountains.

He is the father of three small children, which is perhaps why Shirley Temple is his favorite actress, but that does not explain…[end of visible portion of article]

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